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Our Board

Krista Perez Tacoma Women of Color Collective
Krista Perez

Founder and president of TWCC, has spent the bulk of her education and career learning and prioritizing anti-racist, equitable and community centered work. Her multi-disciplinary perspective allows her to view her work through several lenses which include being the daughter of an immigrant father and migrant worker mother, her undergraduate degree in law, economics and public policy, small business/entrepreneurial knowledge, and passion for community organizing. These experiences inform the work that Krista has done through this nonprofit organization, her PoC centered market, The Community Market, and her equity consulting business, Perez Consulting.

Kim Rinehardt Tacoma Women of Color Collective
Kim Rinehardt

Kimberly is a graduate of the Evergreen State College. Kim has spent 23 years in Social Work as a vendor of the DSHS. She is currently the Executive Director of the Mason County HOST Program. Kimberly is the co-Executive Director of the Washington HOST Home Coalition (WAHHC).  She is passionate about issues pertaining to unaccompanied homeless youth and the plight of youth experiencing homelessness. In addition, KImberly has trained in issues around Equity, Diversity and inclusion for 10 years and practices those values as an educational advocate for people of color, women, children and men.

Leah Ford Tacoma Women of Color Collective
Leah Ford

Leah Ford is a mother of 2 and a Health Promotion Coordinator for the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department. She is part of the Maternal Child Outreach Team and supports the Black Infant Health Program, with a goal of improving maternal health, as well as decreasing health inequities and for women and infants of color. Leah is also a part of the Human Milk Workgroup which aides hospitals, birthing centers, clinicians, and employers who want to support chest/breastfeeding and nursing in their community. She collaborates with local and state coalitions, hospitals, midwives, nurses, doulas and community partners to develop a network of integrated services that support the wellbeing of families. Leah received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on Social Justice and Public Health. She is currently working towards her M.Ed at Eastern Washington University.

Benita Smith Tacoma Women of Color Collective
Benita Smith

Benita Smith is the owner of Adorned Abode. She opened her store at the old historic Freighthouse-Square in 2016. Since her time there, she’s overcome many challenges and welcomed the trials and tribulations of running a small business with poise. Not only has Benita established a consistency and dedication in operating her shop in Freighthouse by making positive connections with frequent commuters, community members, and tourists traveling through the building. Benita serves on two boards, One being the Tacoma Women of Collective. Benita’s shop was recently featured in South Sound Magazine's Winter issue, “Find Local Gifts at Adorned Abode”. Benita has flourished and prospered among the many obstacles that come with being a woman and a person of color in the business world.

Alicia Mathurin Tacoma Women of Color Collective
Alicia Mathurin

Alicia seeks political, economic, and social equality for all people. She was raised by her family to honor her African, Native American, and Jewish heritage, but she lived in several communities where she was “the only” and it was unsafe to do so. A pioneer from an early age, she is experienced in thriving in communities not designed to honor her experiences, survival or success. After her honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in 2005, Alicia started nurturing her passion to provide resources for students and their families and she continues to do so on the Senior Leadership Team at Annie Wright Schools and as the Co-Founder of The Community Market.

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